So many of the clients of The Center in Asbury Park struggle to make ends meet - to put some food on the table - to have some basic things that we can so easily take for granted. Each client is entitled to a monthly emergency "food bag" with some of the basics and a "hygiene bag" with items like deodorant, soap, toilet paper - things they are not able to get with food stamps.

Our pantry and hygiene shelves are kept full due to the generosity of many. Schools and places of worship hold food and hygiene drives, people travelling are in the habit of putting the hotel hygiene products in their suitcases for us, neighborhoods and clubs collect products for us.

Below is a list of the usual products that fill the pantry and hygiene bags.

Shopping List for The Center in Asbury Park

Items can be delivered to:  The Center in Asbury Park,                                            

 806 Third Ave,  Asbury Park, NJ, 07712                                             

Or call to arrange a pickup: 732-774-3416


 Food Items                                                                                       Supplies/Hygiene Items 
Peanut Butter                                                                            Bleach
Jams & Jellies                                                                           Laundry Detergemt
Cereal                                                                                         Dishwashing Liquid
Instant Oatmeal                                                                         All PurposeCleaners
Rice                                                                                             Toilet Paper
Candy                                                                                          Paper Towels
Sugar                                                                                           Shampoo
Flour                                                                                            Sanitary Napkins & Tampons
Juice                                                                                            Hypo-Allergenic Body Lotion
Milk (condensed, powered)                                                       Tooth Brushes & Toothpaste
Soup                                                                                                   Mouthwash
Cookies & Crackers                                                                          Body Soap
Beans (dried & canned)                                                                    Band Aids
Canned PuddingsJello
Canned Fruit
Canned Tuna &  Chicken
All Goya Products
Healthy Snacks
Macaroni & Cheese
Coffee (ground & instant)
Canned Vegetables
Instant Mash Potatoes